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Stephanie Meredith, MA

Stephanie Meredith, MA, is the Director of the Lettercase National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Resources at the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute. She is also the author of “Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis” and similar resources about other prenatally-diagnosed genetic conditions. In addition, Meredith is the co-author of “Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to DS” and “Welcoming a Newborn with Down syndrome,” as well as other titles in that series. Further, she offers presentations and training nationwide about providing support and information to new and expectant parents learning about a diagnosis, and she is the author of “Impact of the Increased Adoption of Prenatal cfDNA Screening on Non-Profit Patient Advocacy Organizations in the United States” published in Prenatal Diagnosis and the co-author of “Beyond the Genetic Diagnosis: Providing Parents What They Want to Know” in Pediatrics in Review.